Upper East Coast Road Trip Destinations

Jul 07 2014

From Massachusetts to the eastern townships of Quebec, there is a large range of diverse attractions and activities. Massachusetts best known for its Salem witch-trials and Maine for its beautiful lighthouses and delicious seafood, there is something to delight even the most picky of travelers. Here are some places you just have to see on your East Coast road trip:


As one of America’s most historically rich states, Massachusetts boasts a wide range of historical landmarks. It is home to the USS Constitution, the oldest warfare ship still afloat, the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum and Battleship Cove. These ships are sure to astound history buffs and everyone else. While you’re soaking up America’s rich culture, check out Old City Hall and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. If you’re just looking to stretch your legs, and enjoy the great outdoors, visit Berkshire East- one of the top zip lining destinations in America, or bask in the beautiful scenery of Ashintully Gardens in Tyringham.


While driving through Vermont, plan on stopping for a few days in beautiful Stowe. This mountain town offers activities including: spa visits, mountain climbing, museums and kayaking. There is, undeniably, something for everyone here. If your trip is during the winter months, Vermont also offers a variety of ski resorts. Bundle up and have some fun on the slopes.

New Hampshire

This state is home of the White Mountains- a place like no other. Nestled in the White Mountains you’ll find nothing but adventures. If you’re looking for a roller coaster or just a quiet place to golf, you have chosen wisely. Before you leave, take a relaxing ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad or a peaceful tour of Flume Gorge.


While visiting this easternmost state, be sure to check out the stunning views of Casco Bay and Acadia National Park. Next, pay a visit to Old Port in Portland. Complete with cobblestone roads and 19th century fishing piers, this district may look old fashioned, but it is most well known for its edgy nightlife. The area is filled with restaurants, bars and boutiques, ready to serve you. While this town may suck you in, don’t forget, a visit to Maine would not be complete without taking a lighthouse tour at The Portland or West Quoddy Headlight- two of the most famous Maine lighthouses.

memphrémagog eastern townships

Photography by Benoît Meunier

Eastern townships in the province of Quebec

This area is best known for its beauty and attractions. Complete with peaks and valleys, these townships are a sight for sore eyes. Visit any one, or five, of the twenty-seven fabulous vineyards along the official Eastern townships Wine Route. After you’ve tasted enough grapes, pay a visit to the beautiful marsh Marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau and be sure to visit Fondissimo for exquisite French cuisine. Next, visit the 1843 Bishop’s University and St. Mark’s chapel distinguished by its beautiful stained glass windows and carved wooden pews.

No matter if you’re visiting one state or all of them, the upper east coast is a playground waiting to be explored.

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Expat Living Abroad

Oct 30 2013

Living abroad is an adventure many of us keep on our bucket list. Living overseas for any amount of time is a big adventure, and those who have experienced it usually agree it is the best thing they have ever done.

Becoming an expat opens your mind and the minds of your family to what the world has to offer, and it can remind you about many important things in life. If you are thinking of living abroad for a year or more, below are some of the expat benefits for you and your family that might convince you to take the plunge!

living abroad

Photography by Robert S. Donovan

A Fresh Start – One thing that might attract you to the idea of moving overseas is the opportunity to have a fresh start. Some people give up a stressful job, large expenses and a huge social network just to leave the United States and have a wonderful opportunity to simplify their lives. Being an expat gives you and your family the chance to get back to the basics in life and what is truly important to you. Oftentimes, expats know themselves better within one year of living abroad than they did their entire life living at home.

Own Less and Do More – Living in the United States can find you caught up in an endless cycle of bills. Things such as credit cards, gym memberships and a subscription to cable seem like a vital part of our lives; but they are not necessary. Moving overseas can break the cycle of all these bills and give you new ways to spend money. Expats explore and travel more than the typical person does. They know that experiences in life are a lot more valuable than belongings, and they remind themselves of this as they visit the ancient ruins, take part in exotic celebrations and trek through the jungles.

Learning New Things – When you live abroad, you learn new things that become important parts of your everyday life. There will be big differences between the country you emigrate to and your home country. Behavior, language, holidays, celebrations and social customs will all be different, but experiencing and learning about those differences is great fun for you and the family. Learning these things can also be a challenge in your new life. Settling down to a new lifestyle takes time, but it is truly rewarding. You might just find out that you’re a lot more capable and stronger than you thought you were.

Getting Inspired – When you live abroad, you can expect to be bombarded with new opportunities. This is always inspiring. If you are a creative person, the benefits are immediate. Learning and seeing new things every day will encourage you to be more creative than ever before. If you’re not the creative type, you will still find this valuable. You might not be tempted to pick up the camera or get a new blog going, but you might dream up a new business idea or try a new hobby.

If you are craving adventure, moving overseas could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Becoming an expat changes your perspective on life in a positive manner. It will help you reduce your spending, get back to the basics and embrace change. The biggest benefit of all is that you never know where you might end up next.

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